Spooky Halloween Pictures

Spooky Halloween Pictures

When most people think about Halloween, we think about costumes, parties, fancy food eating, and an entire lot of candy. However, have you ever wondered how all of those traditions got here to be? What’s the history of Halloween anyway? It seems, halloween’s history is much interesting and have old roots in history—and it is much spookier than you could recognize. Here is a quick primer on why we rejoice Halloween.




Hallowen 2018 Happy Halloween
Hallowen 2019 Happy Halloween

As we know we celebrate Halloween on 31st of October, but here’s something you might not know: the phrase is actually “hallowed evening,” and Europeans were the people who celebrated this event as all hallows’ eve. All Hallows’ Eve (October 31) and all saints’ day (November 1) both occasions paid homage to saints (“hallows” = saints). Later, the name of this occasion was changed to “Halloween.”

We celebrate Halloween on the 31st of October. The ancient roots of this event which we consider is the old Gaelic festival of Samhain. Every person has its own thinking about this event. But most of the people consider this event the time when the boundary between this world and after death becomes very thin. Which connects them with dead people. This thinking is being shared by different cultures around the world and people similar thinking about the Jewish event “Yom Kippur”. Which also takes place in the same month of October. Jewish people offer prayers for their dead ones.

In the early days of this Pagan event “Samhain” a lot of ritualistic ceremonies were involved. People considered these ceremonies connect them with spirits. There is not a lot of details about these events from the past. Many people think they celebrated in specific costumes, prepared special feasts and made lanterns. With time, when Christianity took over this event turned into a pop culture thing. Which evolved and modernized with every passing year.

Those rituals turned into more fun and enjoyable games.  Some old ideas turned into new ideas like connecting with dead turned into the idea of future. We can take an example of Apple Bobbing which became a popular game for fortune telling. Through this game, people find their future husbands and future wives by just biting a random apple.

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Happy Halloween 2019

In the past, another popular “All Hallows’ Eve” ritual was the mirror gazing. People used to hope while gazing in a mirror that it will show them their future. History tells us about other similar rituals too like fortune-cookie. People used to write messages on a piece of paper in milk. The papers were then folded and placed into walnut shells. After that, they used to heat those shells over a fire until the message to magically appear on the paper for the recipient.

Different cultures have different beliefs,
In Czech culture, they place chairs of their deceased family members with their living family members near the fire on Halloween night.

In Austria, people leave bread, lighted lamp and water on the table of dinner before going to sleep. Because they believe, it will welcome dead souls when they will visit earth.

A fruitcake is used as a part of fortune telling game in Ireland. Things are baked inside this cupcake. If anyone founds a ring, He/She is going to be married soon. If anyone founds a pea, that means that person will not marry that year. If anyone founds a straw, that means prosper year ahead. If anyone founds a stick, that means bad fortune. If anyone founds a coin, that means good fortune.

Halloween costumes
Halloween costumes

History of Halloween costumes

In the past, people used to dress up as saints and recite holy songs and verses from door to door. Children used to visit from door to door for “soul cakes” as a treat.
Interesting Fact: Soul Cakes were part of “All Souls’ Day” on 2nd Day of November. Yes, on the third day after “All Hallow’ Eve”. With modernization, it became part of Halloween night.

With the passage of time costumes evolved too. In the past, they used to pay tributes to saints, this tradition changed too with the passage of time. Young Scottish and Irish pranksters came up with the idea of dressing up with scary looking clothes as a way to spook their unsuspecting neighbors. With the passage of time and thanks to the internet, Halloween costumes became scary, spooky, funny, and creative all at the same time.

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We are living in 21st century. So, we always use internet means to search Halloween Costumes for ourselves and our loved ones.

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Happy Halloween 2019

history of halloween
history of halloween

36 Interesting Facts about Halloween

The Halloween holiday is full of history and mixed traditions from different cultures. These cultures include Irish, English, Celtic, and Roman. Many people think of Halloween as just a holiday for candy and dressing up but below is a list of interesting facts about it. Are you looking for Interesting Halloween facts? Some of the interesting Halloween Facts are following:

  •  The correct spelling of Halloween is actually Hallowe’en
  • The word Halloween was first seen in the 16th century.
  • Halloween is derived from its original name All Hollow’s Eve.
  • Originally turnips were carved not pumpkins.
  • Carved lanterns was a way of remembering souls stuck in purgatory.
  • Pumpkin carving was first noted in America in 1837.
  • The traditional colors of Halloween are black and orange.
  • Since Halloween is on the arrival of the annual apple harvest candied and caramelized apples are a traditional treat.
  • Virtually all known candy poisonings were of parents poisoning their own children’s candy.
  • Traditionally after carving a pumpkin the seeds are cleaned baked and salted for snacks.
  • Celtic Neo-pagans consider Halloween to be a holy time of year.
  • The orange color represents fall and harvest time while black represents death and darkness.
  • Pumpkins also come in white blue and green beside the original orange.
  • Halloween was brought to America by immigrants from Europe.
  • Snickers is the number one candy bar given to children during trick or treating.
  • Jack o’ lanterns were originated from Ireland.
  • Halloween is the second commercially successful holiday.
  • More than 93 % of children go trick-or-treating every year.
  • The origins of trick-or-treating is thought to be of the European tradition of “souling” in which people begged for soul cakes.
  • Magician Harry Houdini died of a burst appendix on Halloween in 1926.
  • Halloween is closely linked to the Celtic festival of Samhain.
  • 99% of all pumpkins sold are for jack o’ lanterns during Halloween.
  • If you see a spider on Halloween, it is said that the spider is a loved one visiting you.
  •  Halloween candy sales average about 2 billion dollars in the united states annually.
  • 86% of Americans decorate their homes for Halloween.
  •  Back in the day young women believed they could do magic to see the image of their future husband on Halloween with an apple parings, yarn, and mirrors.
  • It was thought that putting food on your front porch on Halloween would prevent ghosts from entering your home.
  •  The fastest time carving a face into a pumpkin was 54.72 seconds.
  • Tradition food eaten on Halloween is barnbrack which is a type of fruitcake.
  • The witch is an iconic symbol for Halloween seen throughout the holiday’s history.
  • Wearing costumes was originally thought to fool the dead who came back to earth on Halloween into believing the living was one of them.
  • A woman from New York was arrested for giving out arsenic-laced candy to teenagers whom she thought were too old for trick or treating.
  • Wearing of masks on Halloween is a roman tradition.
  • Chocolate makes up 3/4 of a trick-or-treater’s haul.
  • Candy corn has been made by jelly belly company with the same recipe since 1900.
  • 90% of parents admit to sneaking treats from their children’s candy haul

Why we celebrate Halloween?

The History of Halloween is shrouded in mystery. Halloween – or “All Hallow’s Eve,” as the holiday was first called – dates back centuries. Contrary to what some people believe, Halloween wasn’t originally a day for demon worship. There are several versions of the history of Halloween. By some accounts, the traditions of the day can be traced back to fear.

Around the 5th Century BC, the Celts believed that the line between the living world that they inhabited and the spirit world of the dead disappeared. That meant that those who had died (some say only those who had died in the past year) could travel across the portal. But to what purpose?

To find a living body! Apparently, the idea was that the dead would search for a body to inhabit though it’s not clear what happened to that person when the body was taken over by a spirit. Because no one wanted to have this happen, the living would dress up in ghoulish costumes and run amok through the streets.

The history of Halloween pranks can probably be traced back to this custom. The Celts thought that wreaking havoc would discourage the prowling spirits from wanted their bodies. Some pranks became classics, such as tipping over outhouses – a prank that lasted through the early 1900s.

Sound familiar? Many believe this is the origin of our tradition of dressing up on Halloween.

By other accounts, these spirits wreaked havoc with the crops and the Celts built bonfires and offered sacrifices to keep the spirits away.

Why we celebrate Halloween?
Why we celebrate Halloween?

Looking at the history of Halloween, you may find that Trick-or-treating also has its origin based in the attempts to connect the living world with the afterlife. This time, the connection had a benevolent aim and was initiated by the living.

Sometime during the 8th or 9th Century AD, those in Europe had developed the idea that anyone who died stayed in limbo for a period of time. The only way the living could help speed the dead on their way to their final reward was to pray. If this is true, it stands to reason that having more people offer prayers would be even better.

With that in mind, those who had lost loved ones would bake small cakes to be distributed on November 2, known as All Saints Day. They would travel around, giving the cakes to any beggars who happened to be in the area. Beggars would agree to pray for the dead of those who gave them cakes. In some regions of the United States, as recently as a half-century ago, trick-or-treating was known as “begging.”


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Happy Halloween 2019


As is it will not happen with all traditions, the lines between Halloween itself and other holidays near that same date have blurred. It could be that the Roman tradition of praying to the Pomona – goddess of fruit – accounts for our tradition of bobbing for apples.

The history of Halloween in the US is much younger than in Europe. It’s believed that the Irish brought Halloween with them when they arrived in America during the mid 1800s.

halloween Quotes and sayings
halloween Quotes and sayings

There are some who hold to the idea that Halloween is all about demons and devil worship. Considering the number of references to spirits and the dead, it’s no wonder that cults associated with the “black arts” have adopted the date as their own.

So what is it that makes Halloween one of America’s favorite holidays? Perhaps it’s the thrill of our current traditions including trick-or-treating. Maybe it’s just the chance we need to dress up, hide our identities and become someone (or something) else for a while.

Or it could be the mystery that surrounds the unknown – the sheer potential that there could be a date when the line between the spirit and living worlds do blur. Regardless of the history of Halloween, today’s rites and customs are forever changing. People use internet to wish their loved ones Happy Halloween 2019 by using Halloween Quotes and sayings.


Throw a Halloween Party

If you plan to throw a Halloween party this season, you need to spend a little time in the planning. After all, anyone can host a Halloween party – why not aim at a real event?
Here are few party themes and ideas if you are planning to throw a party

Halloween Party Theme and Ideas
Halloween Party Theme and Ideas


Halloween Invitations

You’ll find plenty of sources for ready-made Halloween invitations for the various retailers or you can make your own. There are software programs specifically for invitations. You can also use generic invitations and customize them with your home computer.

Have an artistic flair? Use cardstock as your base and draw or paint unique Halloween invitations. If this is a kid’s party, gather magazines and pictures of Halloween-related items – bats, witches, cats and the like – and let them cut and glue to their heart’s content!

Don’t forget to include all the pertinent information, including time, date and place of the party. Special instructions and even a map to the party location are helpful for those who plan to attend.

Halloween Party Games

There are a handful of traditional Halloween party games that will always be favorites. Bobbing for apples is arguably at the top of the list, but don’t overlook some others that may become new favorites of your partygoers.

For younger attendees, don’t overlook the potential as crafts for party games. Offer up construction paper, crayons and “happy trash” (empty tissue and paper towel rolls, bits of string, etc.), awarding a prize to the scariest, funniest and strangest creations. You can make as many categories as you have children so that everyone gets a prize.

You can also make some adjustments to old party favorites. Pin the Hat on the Witch (played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey) is one option. This Halloween Games category has more Halloween games to play.

Halloween Party Decorations

Your Halloween party decorations can range from the traditional to the unique, with only your budget and imagination has limits. Get the kids involved with making strings of paper ghosts and goblins to hand across your room. Simply cut ghosts, cats, witches or monsters from heavy construction paper, and then staple them to strings.

Your decorations can start from the outside with spooky lawn ornaments, hay bales, and pumpkins. Don’t overlook the usefulness of spider webs, but if you don’t have time to let large webs accumulate you’ll find artificial webs are very inexpensive. Remember to stretch them a lot to get the best effects.

Halloween Party Themes

So you think your Halloween party has to be all about scary monsters, witches, and haunted houses? Those may be the classic Halloween party themes, but they’re not the only ideas that work. Instead, why not create a big top and put together an entire circus? Encourage guests to come as performers, complete with the acts! See who can juggle, do acrobatics or be the most ferocious lion!

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning the most traditional to the Halloween party of your wildest dreams. A little research and a little planning will go a long way toward making this the Halloween party your guests will talk about.

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Halloween Decorations

The options for Halloween decorations have increased dramatically over the past few years. A few years ago, the only decorations that were really available were jack-o-lanterns and paper pumpkins. Today, there are thousands of Halloween decorations to choose from, and your imagination and budget are virtually the only limits. If you can imagine it, someone has probably marketed it.

Just consider the Halloween decorations available at your local hobby store. Then multiply that by the nearly infinite choices available on the Internet. By the time you’ve done that, you’ll probably realize that the biggest obstacle you’ll be facing is deciding which decorations you’ll choose.

Halloween Decorations
Halloween Decorations

The first step in this process is a crucial decision. Are you out to frighten the little ghosts and goblins who’ll come by your home this Halloween? Considering the traditional connotations of Halloween, skeletons, ghosts, witches and the like may be high on your list of decoration musts. But don’t limit the decoration ideas for your home.

How Fantastic is Your Halloween Makeup?

Halloween makeup is often overlooked as people search for a great Halloween costume. Instead of simply slapping on a store-bought mask, why not go for something a bit different this holiday season? Whether you use Halloween makeup from a kit or make your own, you’ll find there are some fantastic options that will make your Halloween costume truly unique.



Halloween Makeup
Halloween Makeup
Halloween Makeup Ideas
Halloween Makeup Ideas

Before you make your plans for your big night out, try on the makeup. Put a small amount on your inner arm for a while to be sure you aren’t allergic. Wear a small amount on your face for at least an hour or so when you are at home. Keep an eye on the area for redness and be alert for any tingling or burning sensations.

Halloween makeup
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Happy Halloween 2019

If you have these symptoms, wash it off and make a Plan B. It isn’t worth having a full-fledged rash or breakout.

After you’re sure the makeup isn’t going to be a problem, make up the full face as you plan to wear it on Halloween. Whether you’ve made your own Halloween makeup or bought a kit, there’s no way to be sure you can get the effects you seek unless you try it out. A picture on a kit may look great and you may see no reason that it shouldn’t work – but it still might not work as you expect.

Especially if you have sensitive skin, you may want to wear a foundation under the makeup to help protect your skin. Some Halloween makeup kits will come with a foundation that will serve as a buffer. Remember that there’s no guarantee that you won’t also react to a foundation, so be sure to try it out well in advance of the big night just as you tried out the makeup.

Halloween Nails Art Ideas
Halloween Nails Art Ideas


halloween nails
halloween nails art
halloween nails ideas
halloween nails designs

Happy Halloween 2019

Get Creative with Your Halloween Makeup

Even if you have the perfect face in mind, don’t be afraid to be a bit creative. Take time to do a bit of experimenting with different looks.

Remember that you don’t have to have a kit of Halloween makeup to make a great Halloween face. Look around your stash of makeup at home and see what you can come up with.

For example, if you’re looking to make a Frankenstein face you’ll probably need some stitches. One quick and easy way to make stitches (especially on the small face of a child) is to use your mascara brush. Just fill the brush as if you were about to apply the mascara to your lashes. Then hold it flat against the area to be “stitched” and give it a solid swipe. The result will look very much like stitches!

Need some warts? Use a bit of flour and water to make a thick paste. You can then shape warts of any size. Apply them while wet but remember that your subject has to be patient enough to let warts dry. They peel off easily and can be colored with green or brown eyeshadow.

Halloween Pumpkins – Who Was Jack, And Why is He Always Grinning?

halloween pumpkins carving ideas
halloween pumpkins carving ideas

Halloween pumpkins are commonly referred to as a Jack O’Lantern. While most people know that, did you also know the reason? The history of the name is actually a rather gruesome tale of a man trapped between worlds.

Jack O’Lantern – The History of the Name

Legend has it that there was an Irishman who was a neer-do-well. This man’s name was Jack and he was known to be a drunkard. He apparently spent a lot of time in the taverns of the day. He was seldom seen doing any more work than it took to earn the money for his next bottle of strong drink

But as is often the case, Jack wasn’t stupid or even really bad. He was just self-centered and thought of little past his next drink

The story goes that Jack was walking home one night – drunk most likely – when he encountered the Devil Himself. The Devil tempted Jack, though the stories of exactly what was offered vary from one account to another. Apparently, the incentive for Jack to give up his soul wasn’t sufficient and he decided to turn the offer down.

But how does one escape from the Devil? Jack, a cunning fellow that he was, lured the Devil up a tree. Then Jack carved an image on the trunk of the tree and the Devil was trapped.

Jack agreed to let him down. But only after the Devil agreed to never again tempt Jack. The story might have ended there, but it doesn’t.

As it turns out Jack lived out the rest of his life, continuing his drunkard ways. When he died, he was denied entry into Heaven because of it. But the Devil took one look at Jack and also denied him entry into Hell. In a rare show of compassion, the Devil did give Jack a chunk of burning coal or wood to help light his way.

To help the member last longer, Jack carved out a turnip and put the glowing piece inside. And that – if you believe the legend – is the history of the name “Jack O’Lantern.”

halloween Pumpkin
halloween pumpkin carving ideas
halloween pumpkin images

Steps to Cleaning/Preparing/Carving a pumpkin

The first step to cleaning/preparing/ carving a pumpkin for a Jack O’Lantern is to clean it out at least one day ahead of time. Start by cutting a “plug” from the top of the pumpkin around the stem area big enough for your hand. Cutting from the top allows an escape for the heat from the candle.
Remember to cut with your knife angled toward the center of the pumpkin so that the cap doesn’t fall back into the pumpkin when you replace it. If you have trouble with this step, you can insert a few toothpicks into the pumpkin to hold the cap in place.

Remove all the seeds and loose pulp by scraping with a large spoon (wooden spoons work well). This is a messy task so be prepared. Scrape areas that you plan to carve more thoroughly for easier carving.

If you use an electric light instead of a candle, cut a hole in the lower back of the pumpkin for the cord to run through.

All that’s left after that is to carve your face or design. You can find patterns or let your imagination run wild. You may opt to use a sharp knife but you can also purchase pumpkin carving saws and kits for more detailed patterns.

Halloween Pumpkins – To Carve or Not To Carve

More and more people are eliminating the steps to cleaning preparing and carving a pumpkin for Halloween. Time is one of the biggest factors but longevity is another. A pumpkin that hasn’t been cut will naturally last longer. With that in mind, you may decide that painting a face is a better choice.

Whether you believe the story of Jack and the history of the Jack O’Lantern or not, you have to agree that it’s a great story. So this holiday season, as you prepare to choose your Halloween pumpkin and the face design for your Halloween pumpkin, take a minute to remember Jack.

Spooky Halloween Pictures

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These are the best best spooky halloween pictures. Which we found on Internet



spooky halloween pictures
spooky halloween pictures

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Happy Halloween 2019

best spooky halloween pictures
best spooky halloween pictures

Happy Halloween Pictures for Facebook, Whatsapp

Nowadays people are mad about the social networking sites to share their photos, their views and all. So this is the time where can make use of social networking sites to share upcoming Halloween festival special by sharing pictures on Facebook and Whatsapp. Halloween festival is celebrated to show the respect for dead peoples. It is believed that they come on the planet and stay for one day with a human being and enjoy this festival with great fun, joy, and happiness. On this day, Christians visit Church and also visit other homes. Halloween festival is celebrated in many ways such as ghost tour, watching horror movies. Please find the shared fabulous pictures of celebrations of Halloween festival. we can also share this pictures with your friends and make your Halloween festival special.

Happy Halloween Photos for Pinterest

During the Halloween festival, people get involve in trick-or-treating actions or go door to door on costumes with Children. Trick-or-Treating is the main and default tradition of Halloween festival. Pinterest is a photo sharing website where we can share photos. For Halloween festival, we are sharing some best collections of photos for celebrating Halloween festival. Download these photos and share on FB, Twitter, My Space and other social networking sites and get good wishes from your friends and families.


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