Halloween costume ideas DIY couples

10+ Halloween costume ideas DIY

10+ Halloween costume ideas DIY

Halloween costume ideas DIY: Halloween may be all about innocent fun, but there is some definite weight behind the various Halloween symbols . Most of them have been around for a very long time and were derived from real rituals that have to do with the occult and black magic.

Perhaps the most common symbol of Halloween is the pumpkin. It is believed that this symbolism started in the British Isles where the menacing face of jack-o-lantern was carved on pumpkins and then placed outside to scare away evil spirits. It was also believed that by doing this, it would cast a protective spell over the household. The Celts, who lived in a different part of Europe, carved these chilling faces onto turnips or gourds. This practice eventually caught on all over the world with the pumpkin being utilized as the Halloween symbol that it is today.

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Bats are another Halloween symbol. In real life, the majority of them are actually harmless creatures that cannot see in the light so they use their radar like abilities to hunt at night. After a satisfying meal of mosquitoes and other insects, they like to hang by their feet and relax. However, they have a bad rep because of a close relative of theirs which is the vampire bat. The vampire bat is the only mammal that consumes blood which is why it is associated with death and dark rituals.

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Halloween costume ideas DIY: The broomstick represents dark magic since witches, in stories, choose them as their means of transportation as they skip along between sorcery missions. Cats, especially black ones, are also associated with the dark world. It is believed in some parts of the world like Japan that the dark spirits sometimes take the form of dark cats.

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