halloween costume ideas for women

10+ Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Halloween costumes for women have really come a long way and many of the ones that are available today are very special. Maybe you’re looking for that special costume this year, but there are so many choices. Let us provide you with some Halloween costume ideas for women that we found to be quite intriguing. There were many, but we’re only providing some pictures and information on some of them. Just click on the picture if you want to see more on any of these.

Mysterious and Sexy

The Gypsy Fortune Teller costume is for that mysterious woman who knows much more than she lets on. Wearing a peasant-style dress with lace trim on the cuffs and collar, she appears to be both alluring and mysterious. Something no man can resist!

halloween costume ideas for women
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halloween costume ideas for women gypsy fortune teller
halloween costume ideas for women gypsy fortune teller

This outfit has that authentic Bohemian look and comes with a wide belt and bandana to tie the entire outfit together. Just get yourself some Tarot cards and add lavish jewelry and you’re ready to do a little fortune telling. Imagine the fun that you can have wearing this Gypsy Fortune Teller costume to all of your Halloween events!


halloween costume ideas for women big bad wolf
halloween costume ideas for women big bad wolf

Who says that only men can be the Big Bad Wolf? Just take a look at this Big Bad Sexy Wolf costume for women! Sexy and intriguing, this costume will leave all of those male big bad wolves howling and following every move you make during the night. Click on the picture to access the video showing this wonderfully sexy costume in more detail.

So far, Are you satisfied with our recommendations of Halloween costume ideas for women?

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While you’re wearing this costume, you’ll have a blast teasing all the guys that are following you around like little puppy dogs. Even all those male wolves will be acting more like cubs when you give them just a little attention. Enjoy the night and the attention that you’ll definitely get while wearing the Big Bad Sexy Wolf costume!

Power and Classy Halloween costume ideas for women

Oh, the Renaissance period, who doesn’t like dressing up and having fun at the many medieval festivals. Well, I hope you do realize that you don’t have to wait for one of those festivals to wear a Country Renaissance Wench costume. Why not get one and wear it this Halloween to all of the parties that you’ll be attending?

You don’t have to dress up in a scary costume for Halloween. This year, why not wear an elegant and graceful costume that shows off your cultured personality. Beautiful and adventurous, this costume will intrigue all those around you. The flowing gathered skirt will swoosh as you walk around and flaunt your grace among your party goers.

Now, it is important to note, that this costume does not come with everything that you see in the picture. For instance, included in the picture, but NOT included in the outfit is the berry colored bottom skirt, the chemise, the twill bodice, belt and hat. These items are all sold separately. Of course, you may already have something in your wardrobe that will compliment this costume and will guarantee that it is a one of a kind this Halloween!

Maybe you want to be more than beautiful this year for Halloween. How about beautiful and powerful? If this is you, then you might want to consider the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti costume. Be ready to dazzle those around you this year wearing this gorgeous gold gilded costume! Everyone will stare at you in awe and admiration, which is the proper response, since you are Egyptian Queen Nefertiti!

Feel the power as you mingle wearing this outfit with the matching gold headpiece, collar, belt and arm bands. The only thing that you need to complete this outfit is a pair of shoes. Of course, you’ll need to feel superior and all mighty, but that shouldn’t be hard to do when you’re wearing the the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti costume this Halloween. Find yourself a Pharaoh and enjoy the Halloween festivities together or go solo and watch the men be available for your every wish and command. Either way you’ll have a blast!

Haunting Halloween Costume Ideas
In the mood to be a little haunting this Halloween? Consider this unique Ghost Lady Elite Collection Costume. This is an exclusive costume so you won’t find it available just anywhere. Elegant, yet haunting this apparition costume has timeless beauty!

Ghost Lady Halloween Costume Ideas for Woman
Ghost Lady Halloween Costume Ideas for Woman

Just imagine gliding around a room in this beautiful and elegant costume. As you walk through the room, the Victorian style dress flows gracefully across the floor as if you are floating. Spectators will watch in awe and will wonder if you really are a ghost floating toward them. Imagine being back in the Victorian era and dancing in a large ballroom at one of the many fancy parties that were quite common for the time. Gently swaying back and forth moving with the music while you float across the dance floor.

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Please note that the wig, jewelry, shoes and makeup are not included with this outfit. Just get yourself a white wig and apply some white powdery makeup and you’ve got your own look in a very unique costume. Got a guy going with you this Halloween, then consider the Ghost Gent for the ultimate haunting couple this Halloween!
Want to be a little more than haunting this year? Maybe even a little bit morbid? Then have a look at the Coffin Bride. I’m guessing from her appearance that she died before she was able to take her wedding vows, and she isn’t happy at all. She’s looking for her groom to be and won’t rest until she finds him. Or maybe it was her groom to be that killed her as a result of cold feet. If this is the case, she’s out for revenge!

halloween costume ideas for women Coffin Bride
halloween costume ideas for women Coffin Bride

Walk around this Halloween in the Coffin Bride costume and you’ll probably get some uneasy looks. Some may even do a double take to make sure they really saw what they thought they saw. Have fun giving people shivers this year at Halloween wearing your tattered and gloomy outfit! Just add shoes and get yourself a black bouquet and you’re ready to haunt all of the festivities.

Remember that if you’re interested in any of these costumes, just click on the picture and you’ll be able to see more detail about the particular costume. Although we have tried to find some really neat Halloween costume ideas for women this year, we do realize that there will be many who are still undecided. So, to make things a little more convenient for you, we have included the following link where you will be able to see many more Halloween costume ideas for women.

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