10+ Halloween Costumes ideas for Couples

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Couples

Halloween Costumes Ideas for Couples: Trying to find Halloween Costumes ideas for Couples can be rather challenging, especially if both of you want your costumes to be of a similar theme. It never fails, one finds a costume that he/she likes but the other doesn’t like the options available in order to stay within the theme. Now, if the two of you were just looking for a costume that each of you likes without a theme, you wouldn’t be reading this post.

We completely understand the desire to wear costumes within a particular theme. It’s a lot of fun and if you find the right costumes, it’s also very memorable. We have some Halloween costume ideas for couples that we believe will make both of you happy. When searching for these theme costumes, we tried to consider several things such as comfort, coolness and the wow factor. Of course, some of the Halloween Costumes Ideas for Couples won’t meet all of these factors, but we still thought these were all very cool. So, let’s take a look at our suggestions…

Roaring 20’s
Let’s start by taking a trip back to the roaring ’20’s. This was an interesting time in our history. Lots of great music, dancing and let’s not forget gangsters! One of the favorite dances of the time was the Charleston where the women would wear those flashy outfits.
We’ve seen lots of costumes that often call flapper outfits, but
this sexy Charleston Cutie costume really caught our eye! Not only is this costume different from all the other flapper style outfits, it’s just downright sexy. This costume just screams “Look at me! Aren’t I sexy?”. This two-tone flapper outfit is detailed with plenty of fringes and sparkling lace accents. Additional details included are the rhinestone buckles, flashy belt, fishnet stockings, headpiece and a 20′s style faux pearl necklace. Just add some shoes and a boa and you’re ready to dance the night away!

Now all you need is for your dancing partner to be dressed as a Gangster and you’re ready to paint the town red!

This Gangster costume is sure to please your partner. Comfortable, cool looking and very dapper! The double-breasted pin striped suit with the crimson handkerchief, which matches the crimson dickie, provides the gangster look that was very familiar during the period. The additional accessories which include the white tie, white spats, and the traditional gangster hat just bring this entire outfit together. Oh, you’ll have to get your own Tommy gun since this is NOT included with the outfit. Add a pair of black shoes and your Gangster outfit is ready to go!

When the two of you make an entrance at your Halloween party, it will be unforgettable! These two costumes together really have that WOW factor! Just imagine how much fun both of you will have while wearing these at your next party. Ready to dance the night away in the sexy Charleston Cutie costume and the very dapper Gangster costume! And, as an added bonus, both of these outfits come with their own garment bag for the perfect storage solution until these costumes are ready to be worn to your next costume party. What more could you want?

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Halloween Costumes ideas for Couples
If both of you are fans of the latest Alice in Wonderland movie, boy, do we have a treat for you with a twist! Have a look at the Prestige Mad Hatter and sexy Queen of Hearts costumes. Both of these costumes are lavished with details which sets them apart from the norm.

The Mad Hatter costume is very comfortable and stylish. The velvet jacket features lace trim on the sleeves and has multicolor ribbon accents. The shirt front is a dickie with the oversized odd printed bow. Combine all of this with the pinstriped pants and the crazy hat which features a peach satin ribbon along with the bright orange hair and you have a one really cool outfit. Just add some colorful socks, makeup, and shoes and you’re ready to charm the crowds with your charismatic personality!

Why would any woman want to wear an ordinary Queen of Hearts costume when she can wear a real sexy one! Definitely not your traditional Queen of Hearts costume, but one that will surely get a lot of attention from everyone! Oh, and this costume isn’t only sexy, it is quite elegant – quite appropriate for a queen.

This outfit is a halter mini-gown that has detailed quilted material along the hem and on the collar. Notice the extra detail of the small white embellishments that are on the front of the bodice. The flowing skirt with matching quilted detail is attached to the mini-gown. The included rhinestone studded crown completes the regal appearance of this costume. Please note that this outfit does NOT include the black petticoat, but it can be separately purchased. Add a pair of your favorite boots and you’re ready to meet your adoring subjects!

The Mad Hatter costume is an officially licensed Alice in Wonderland product, but the sexy Queen of Hearts costume is not. Of course, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Another thing to note about the Queen of Hearts costume is that the sizes appear to be running small, so keep this in mind. This couple Halloween costume theme is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Be ready to awe your public with the charismatic Mad Hatter and the very sexy Queen of Hearts costumes! You can be sure that this Halloween will be remembered for years!
Transformers – Be the Heroic Couple!
Any desire for both of you to be Transformers this Halloween? Before we wrote this post, we never thought of a Transformer as being sexy, but we’ve definitely changed our minds! Just take a look at the sexy Optimus Prime Transformer deluxe costume. Now, have you ever seen such a sexy transformer before? We sure haven’t!

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The sexy Transformer Optimus Prime deluxe costume is a stretchy robotic designed bodice with a metallic blue skirt, matching leg covers and headpiece. Shiny red glovettes and a silver petticoat are also included. The details on this costume are very nicely done and add to the overall appeal. Just add a pair of shoes and you’re ready to take on the world!

Now for the guys, there’s the brave Transformer Optimus Prime Super Deluxe Adult Costume. This costume features a very comfortable jumpsuit with red sleeves and matching Optimus Prime style chest-piece. Also included, are the matching block cuffs with blue gloves, the attached red buckle and the blue block cuffs with blue shoe covers. The included Optimus Prime style blue helmet/mask completes this very detailed outfit.

Both of these costumes are officially licensed Transformers products. Make an entrance wearing these and everyone will do a double take! Not only will everyone be protected by the brave and charismatic Optimus Prime, but they have the extra protection from the sexy Optimus Prime. Be ready to enjoy the adoration of your many fans on this fun-filled night!

We think we’ve done a pretty decent job of finding some really cool couple’s Halloween costumes for this year, but as usual, we’re providing a link that will take you to more Halloween costume ideas for couples. There are so many possibilities for the couple’s theme costumes and each couple is unique. Now, if you aren’t happy with our suggestions, click on the link below and start looking. We’re sure that you will find something that will be perfect for both of you!

Are you satisfied with our Halloween Costumes ideas for Couples?

BTW We have added a complete photo gallery of Halloween Costumes ideas for Couples

Halloween Costumes Ideas for couples
Halloween Costumes Ideas for couples


Halloween Costumes ideas for Couples 2018
Halloween Costumes ideas for Couples 2018
creative Halloween costumes Ideas couples
creative Halloween costumes Ideas couples
creative Halloween Costumes ideas for Couples 2018
creative Halloween Costumes ideas for Couples 2018
creative Halloween Costumes ideas for Couples
creative Halloween Costumes ideas for Couples

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