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Top 6 Halloween costume ideas for guys

Top 6 Halloween costume ideas for guys

Let’s face it. Some guys like to dress up for Halloween and others, well, you almost have to twist their arm to even consider it. You really can’t blame them, but we’re going to try and make this a little fun. We tried to find some really neat or unique Halloween costume ideas for guys and we think these are some pretty good suggestions. We also tried to consider the comfort factor, but we just couldn’t resist with some of the costumes that we found. If you happen to like any of these costumes and want to know more, just click on the picture!

Classy and Cool Costumes
Let’s start out with a ghost costume, but this isn’t just any ghost costume! This is a unique Ghost Gent adult male costume that will not be found at every Halloween costume store. This handsome ghost has lost his fair lady and is out searching for her this Halloween night. Will he find her?

Ghost Costume- Halloween Costume Ideas for guys
Ghost Costume- Halloween Costume Ideas for guys

This Victorian ghost costume is classy even with the tattered appearance created by the fringed edgings. Please note that this outfit does NOT include the wig, cane gloves, socks, and shoes. Just get a cheap wig and dye the hair white. Add some white shoes and knee socks and your outfit is not only complete, it will be one of a kind. With your own accessories, you can be an exclusive Ghost Gent in search of your long lost lady!

Are you ready to exude power and rule the world? Then how about a Pharaoh Costume? Rule your next Halloween party kingdom and have everyone obey your every wish! What woman could resist the lure of a powerful and regal Pharaoh? Stand out in the crowd wearing the gold and black headpiece and enjoy your awe-inspiring presence among all those commoners.

Pharaoh Costume- Halloween Costume Ideas for guys
Pharaoh Costume- Halloween Costume Ideas for guys

Get some dark loafers or sandals, and borrow some makeup to make this outfit complete. Of course, there is no requirement to wear makeup with this Pharaoh outfit. Just be ready to go out and rule the world this Halloween night! Who knows, you might even find your Egyptian Queen ruling her own empire on this night!

Rock and Roll forever! If you’re a KISS fan, then this is the outfit for you. Check out the authentic KISS Starchild adult costume, which is an officially licensed KISS product. Wear this costume and honor the heavy metal Paul Stanley in this impressive outfit. Walk into a Halloween party this year and watch the heads turn! You’ll make one impressive entrance in this KISS outfit!

KISS Starchild adult costume - Halloween Costume Ideas for guys
KISS Starchild adult costume – Halloween Costume Ideas for guys

Please note that the wig, makeup, belts, and shoes do NOT come with the outfit, but can be purchased separately. Armbands are also NOT included. Just check out your own wardrobe for any of these items, or maybe check with some friends. You can always buy a cheap wig and gaudy belt at some local Halloween store. Wear this outfit this Halloween and stand out in the crowd! As everyone knows, KISS has been a popular heavy metal band for many years and will continue for years to come!

Be the Hero!

Vendetta costume - Halloween Costume Ideas for guys
Vendetta costume – Halloween Costume Ideas for guys

If fighting injustice is your desired cause, how about wearing your own V for Vendetta costume? This is a deluxe costume from the Grand Heritage collection and is an officially licensed V for Vendetta product. Notice all the daggers included to help you protect the misfortuned! With the mask, no government official will know your true identity, but they will fear your reputation!

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Just add the wig, available as a separate purchase, and some black shoes and your outfit is complete. This is a well-made costume with lots of detail that is sure to reveal that you mean business! Be ready to strike down any injustice this Halloween night and protect those who cannot fight back on their own!

Another popular character that protects the misfortuned is the infamous Robin Hood! Everyone knows that when the rich governments confiscate their hard earned money, Robin Hood will make things right. This is a detailed designer costume that reeks of authenticity! This complete outfit includes everything except for the shoes. As an added benefit, this designer outfit even comes with its own garment bag for storage when not in use.

Saunter into your next Halloween party and enjoy the attention that you’ll get from everyone. We all know that women just love heroes and there’s really something special about Robin Hood! A charismatic man of integrity and justice who fights for all those in need. Get ready to protect all those who might need your help this Halloween night!

Another crowd pleaser is the Dark Knight costume. We do realize that there is also the Batman Dark Knight costume, but we liked this one much better. This detailed Dark Knight costume is very detailed and is quite impressive. Why be another Batman this Halloween when you could be this chivalrous Dark Knight?

dark knight costume - Halloween Costume Ideas for guys
dark knight costume – Halloween Costume Ideas for guys

Notice the fine detail in this costume from the noble emblem on the chest to the faux leather arm gauntlets. Each little detail included just adds to this gallant costume’s appearance and appeal. Please note that the pants, shoes, and sword are NOT included with this outfit. Just pick out your favorite sword at a Halloween store and wear some black sweatpants to complete the outfit. Not only will you be comfortable, but you’ll be ready for many adventures during this fun night. Knights are known for chivalry and just watch as women are drawn to you this Halloween!

When we were looking for Halloween costume ideas for guys, we tried to find costumes that were not only comfortable but also met the cool factor. Hopefully, we did a pretty good job, but we know there are other guy costumes that might appeal to you more, so we’ve included a link to help make your search for the perfect Halloween costume this year a little easier. Let us know what you think about our selections for Halloween costumes this year – so we do okay?

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